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The casting director for Predators should never work again

Adrien Brody as one of the deadliest men in the world? Come on dude get real.  Look at that picture.  The guy should only play heroin addicts or maybe Liberace if they ever make a movie about that radiant flower yet he’s filling the Schwarzenegger role?  This shit would be like casting Danny Devito in Rocky V, except Rocky V probably would have been better if that was the case.   And Danny Devito’s cool.  Laurence Firshburne? How is anyone gonna take this movie seriously? I mean I’d buy the story line tat Earth’s deadliest people are trapped on a planet that is a game reserve and they are being hunted if the cast was at least jacked up or some shit.


Quarterbackin’: Did Mike Vick have this guy shot?

Apparently if you’re a QB these days you need to cause a ruckus.  First Ben Roethlisberger tries to get down in a nightclub bathroom, then Vince Young fights over some strippers, now Vick has a dude shot for being a snitch (at least that’s my interpretation).

It’s my understanding that Quanis Phillips, the guy who was shot at Mike Vick’s birthday party, was Vick’s boy and they were both sentenced to federal prison for the dog fighting fiasco.  Phillips reached a plea agreement in which he testified that Vick was involved in the execution of dogs and that he bankrolled the operation.  The initial reports of the incident said that Vick and Phillips got into a confrontation inside the party.  When they moved outside, Phillips was shot.  Now all the accounts are saying that Vick had already left the party before Phillips showed up.  Regardless, this guy was shot for ratting out Vick.  Either Vick gave one of his boys the go ahead to shoot him or one of his goons acted on their own accord.  But if I had to put money on it, I’d say Vick quarterbacked the operation.  Yet another smart move this off-season by an NFL QB.

QBs doing work:

Juan Mata does up Raul Albiol in Spain warm up


Qatar World Cup 2022 bid: everyone else should withdraw their submissions

Holy Shit.  The future has arrived.  Or at least it will in 2022.  Their stadium concepts are literally unreal.  I initially thought it would be impossible to hold a World Cup in Qatar (or any Middle Eastern country) because of the oppressive heat.  Then I read about the technology in these designs that would keep the stadiums at 81 degrees Fahrenheit  or below.  FIFA should definitely give them the 2022 cup just so this shit (the stadiums) will exist.  There are other reasons that would make Qatar a great World Cup host.  Each of the stadiums are within an hours drive of one another, which would allow fans to travel from stadium to stadium and could really harness the World Cup atmosphere.  They also plan to build a new metro system in 2021 with the World Cup in mind and all of the stadiums are easily accessed from highways.  You can even take water taxis to some venues.  Moreover, the World Cup has never been held in the Middle East.  In the midst of a successful first World Cup in Africa, FIFA will be anxious to award a future cup to the Middle East, since it is the only remaining region (not including Australia or Antarctica) to not host a World Cup.  Besides, it’s a good global relations move.  Maybe some terrorists will be pissed that the world is coercing their people into participating in a western game and they’ll just try to blow the whole shit up.  Or maybe it’ll be like including a misfit in a kick ball game in middle school.  If he’s accepted, maybe he’s less likely to shoot up the school.

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In the mean time, let’s keep trying to get the USA bid in 2018

Erika Simmons

She makes art using materials related to the subjects of her work.  So she does Marley using a cassette tape, The Dude (Big Lebowski) using a vhs, Fernando Venezuela using the inside of a baseball etc.  It’s pretty amazing.  To find out more check out this interview:

Here are some selections

Check out her other work here:

Justin Bieber doesn’t look like a lesbian…

he just looks like a 7 year old who’s mom still has executive power over his haircuts.  I’ve seen pictures of when I was like 3 and my mom was supervising my haircuts.  That shit was real weak.  But I guess he does kind of look like a lesbian too.

If George W. was in office from 89-93 instead of George Sr., the White House would have been a lot whiter.

He would have found Pablo Escobar’s ass and brought him to the US not to charge him, but to kick it with him.  Their interests were similar.  W. owned the Texas Rangers, Escobar financed Colombian soccer club Atletico Nacional.  Also, Escobar provided the supply while Bush drove the demand.  For coke.  I didn’t mean the White House would get whiter like caucasion I was referencing cocaine.