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Mike Piazza: HR Derby Legend

July 12, 2010

In honor of tonight’s Home Run Derby I figured we should look back at the all-time worst Derby performer, Mike Piazza.  While Piazza will be remembered as one of the best offensive catchers of all time, I will always remember him struggling to get a hold of one before his 10 outs were up.  Each swing was more painful to watch, and each hit was further from a home run than the last.  While many players have failed to muster up a homer in the derby, Piazza is the king of HR Derby busts because he was unable to homer in not 1, but 2 derby’s.  That’s right folks, after not going long in the ’93 contest, he returned for the next derby (in ’95 due to the ’94 strike) to fail to hit one out of the park again.  His determination did not go unnoticed.  The only other player to fail to go yard in his first derby then return to avenge himself was Troy Glaus, who managed to drop 1 HR in ’06 after putting up an 0 spot in ’01.  Tonight we will inevitably see players drop bombs with ease and players struggle and tense up with each swing, and I’m sure Mike Piazza will hope that at least a few contestants can’t get the ball off the ground.  Also, he was on the cereal box of the greatest cereal of all time called Grand Slams, Roger Clemens’ roided up ass hates him, he shreds, and the guy loves Corn Flakes.


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  1. Great post! I am a huge Mike Piazza fan and you are right he struggled to no end. Piazza will be in the hall in 2012 but not for his performance at the Homerun Derby/

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