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This shit’s still going on?: Saucy Russian Spy

June 29, 2010

So, this is a Russian spy.  What do they think this is the 80s?  Come on now Putin what kind of intel are you looking for?  I thought we were cool?  She’s convicted of being a spy and for money laundering so in all likelihood the authorities got this wrong and this chick just works for the Russian mob.  That would make much more sense.  Maybe seducing highly classified documents away from lonely officials, then trying to blackmail their asses.  Nah, I’m just playing.  She’s a spy.  Commie bastards.  Although it is pretty cool.  I guess Bond girls do exist.


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  1. Well we just traded 10 Russian spyies for, 4 Russian nationals that were accused of spying in Russia. I know that trades are good for relations but I have to wonder what intrest the USA has in 4 Russian nationals that were in jail in Russia. I certainly hope there is some other agreement that comes from this ordeal that benifets our country.

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