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Qatar World Cup 2022 bid: everyone else should withdraw their submissions

June 24, 2010

Holy Shit.  The future has arrived.  Or at least it will in 2022.  Their stadium concepts are literally unreal.  I initially thought it would be impossible to hold a World Cup in Qatar (or any Middle Eastern country) because of the oppressive heat.  Then I read about the technology in these designs that would keep the stadiums at 81 degrees Fahrenheit  or below.  FIFA should definitely give them the 2022 cup just so this shit (the stadiums) will exist.  There are other reasons that would make Qatar a great World Cup host.  Each of the stadiums are within an hours drive of one another, which would allow fans to travel from stadium to stadium and could really harness the World Cup atmosphere.  They also plan to build a new metro system in 2021 with the World Cup in mind and all of the stadiums are easily accessed from highways.  You can even take water taxis to some venues.  Moreover, the World Cup has never been held in the Middle East.  In the midst of a successful first World Cup in Africa, FIFA will be anxious to award a future cup to the Middle East, since it is the only remaining region (not including Australia or Antarctica) to not host a World Cup.  Besides, it’s a good global relations move.  Maybe some terrorists will be pissed that the world is coercing their people into participating in a western game and they’ll just try to blow the whole shit up.  Or maybe it’ll be like including a misfit in a kick ball game in middle school.  If he’s accepted, maybe he’s less likely to shoot up the school.

Read more here:

In the mean time, let’s keep trying to get the USA bid in 2018


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