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US against the world

June 23, 2010

They should put this shit on TNT because ‘We Know Drama”.

Even if you dislike soccer you must be excited about the US national team.  The boys have managed to string together two of the most exciting games imaginable to win their group despite being robbed of 2 legitimate goals.  Now, they’re able to foster an US against the world mentality as they have shown their resilience in the face of bad bounces, disgusting calls, and paralyzing (wrongfully) disallowed goals.

The US team as a collective embodies everything Americans want in a sports team (individual personalities aside, see Donovan pics here).  They are a Cinderella team that continues to be awfully wronged.  The American spirit loves an underdog and it’s a position we rarely hold on an international level.  We are a world power in nearly every category–financially, scientifically, athletically etc.  But in soccer no one takes us seriously.  This is our chance to make a run in the one tournament that ignites the rest of the world.  If there is one thing Americans can rally around it is the opportunity to stick it to the rest of the world.  Starting with Ghana on Saturday.

Ghana eliminated the US in the 2006 cup.  We have been presented with a shot at redemption.  So it begins America: a “Man on Fire” type run just destroying everyone in our path, starting with the only remaining African nation (assuming Ivory Coast doesn’t drop 9 goals or so on North Korea).  I’m talking tying hands to the steering wheel, cutting off fingers and stopping the bleeding with the car cigarette lighter.  Then it’s on to drugging people and putting explosives up their ass for the winner of Uruguay and South Korea.  Then we reach the final four and that’s when shit really goes down.

So let us rejoice in the fact that we are still in the tournament and relish this opportunity to laugh in the face of so called world football powers that failed to advance (grow up France).


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