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The 4 Most Interesting Wikipedia Pages (People)

The winners are…Victor Page, DMX, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Steven Segal.  Have a look at the endeavors of these entertainment legends.  Some highlights are Victor Page attacking an opposing player with a broom mid-game, DMX’s airport arrest, ODB’s aliases, and Segal’s energy drink.’_Dirty_Bastard


Mike Piazza: HR Derby Legend

In honor of tonight’s Home Run Derby I figured we should look back at the all-time worst Derby performer, Mike Piazza.  While Piazza will be remembered as one of the best offensive catchers of all time, I will always remember him struggling to get a hold of one before his 10 outs were up.  Each swing was more painful to watch, and each hit was further from a home run than the last.  While many players have failed to muster up a homer in the derby, Piazza is the king of HR Derby busts because he was unable to homer in not 1, but 2 derby’s.  That’s right folks, after not going long in the ’93 contest, he returned for the next derby (in ’95 due to the ’94 strike) to fail to hit one out of the park again.  His determination did not go unnoticed.  The only other player to fail to go yard in his first derby then return to avenge himself was Troy Glaus, who managed to drop 1 HR in ’06 after putting up an 0 spot in ’01.  Tonight we will inevitably see players drop bombs with ease and players struggle and tense up with each swing, and I’m sure Mike Piazza will hope that at least a few contestants can’t get the ball off the ground.  Also, he was on the cereal box of the greatest cereal of all time called Grand Slams, Roger Clemens’ roided up ass hates him, he shreds, and the guy loves Corn Flakes.

An Ode to Diego Forlan

After a disgusting World Cup final reminiscent of an American high school game, I feel we should remember and praise the cup performance of Diego Forlan.  In a tournament where most of the hyped stars failed to show up, it is fitting that Forlan shined brightest.  The silky forward was the heart and soul of arguably the most entertaining team of the tournament.  When most players whined about the ball, Forlan put nearly every shot on target and when he missed he did not miss by much.  Likewise, you’d be hard pressed to remember an instance where he turned the ball over.  He was the one player that could take over a game at any moment.  With Forlan on the pitch, you felt that a magic moment could happen at any time.  Right down to the last whistle of the third place game where his stoppage time free kick rattled the goal post.  As a fan I don’t think I have ever been as confident that something spectacular was about to happen as I was when the Jabulani was at Forlan’s feet.  In a World Cup where the referees threatened to ruin every single game including the final, Forlan was a nice take away for the fans.  While his talent is remarkable, his approach to the game is also refreshing.  Rarely did he hit the ground from a foul and when he did it was never a dive.  And you would seldom caught him whining about a call, despite how awful the calls could be.  For all of this, I thank Diego Forlan.

Although he has been displaying his abilities in the world’s top leagues for a decade, he has never quite gotten the praise he deserves except from the supporters of his clubs.  Outside of true followers of the game (and outside of Uruguay and Spain), few knew him until this tournament, which seems strange for a player as accomplished as Forlan.  He has twice been the top scorer in La Liga and in both seasons his goal totals were tops in Europe.  The only other player to lead La Liga in goals twice in the past 20 years is Ronaldo (the brazilian Ronaldo).  Today he added a World Cup Golden Ball–the award for the most outstanding player in the WC–to his decorated career.  However, he seems to remain an afterthought in the conversation of top players in the game today.  In the magazine FourFourTwo’s most recent list of the top 100 players in the world that came out last October, Forlan was ranked 21 despite scoring 32 goals in 32 starts for Atletico Madrid and winning the Pichichi trophy for most goals in La Liga (he played 1 game as a substitute).  So what does it take for Forlan to crack the top 5?  Or 10?  Or 20?  I’d imagine a World Cup Golden Ball should do the trick.  So I’d like to congratulate Forlan for finally receiving the recognition he deserves.  Regardless, he has a sizzling model girlfriend (Zaira Nara) and he looks like Mr. Belding’s brother from a Saved by the Bell episode, so he’s doing alright.

Nike ‘Write the Future’ campaign jinx

Nearly every player in the Nike ‘Write the Future’ commercial has been eliminated from the World Cup.  Drogba, Cannavaro, Rooney, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, and Ronaldo have all been eliminated with their teams.  Though Brazil hasn’t been eliminated, Ronaldinho wasn’t even selected to the squad.  Now today Roger Federer was knocked out of Wimbledon.  This is worse than the Madden cover curse.  Spain’s Iniesta, Fabregas, and Pique are the only stars from the commercial still alive in the tournament.  That coupled with the South American dominance to this stage in the tournament would suggest that Spain is doomed against Paraguay.  I wouldn’t go that far, but maybe this commercial’s jinx will keep them from hoisting the cup.  Nike has tried to negate the notion that their campaign is a curse by releasing a previously unaired version of the commercial featuring Robinho.  Could this mean that both Spain and Brazil are doomed?  Not so sure.  Kobe was also in the commercial and the Lakers succeeded in winning the NBA finals.  Of the 8 remaining teams, 3 of them are represented in the commercial (Brazil, Spain, and the Netherlands–the team competing against Portugal in the Ronaldo segment).  So my money is on one of the two powerhouses remaining that are not shown in the commercial will capture the cup.  The winner of Germany v. Argentina will take the tournament.

This shit’s still going on?: Saucy Russian Spy

So, this is a Russian spy.  What do they think this is the 80s?  Come on now Putin what kind of intel are you looking for?  I thought we were cool?  She’s convicted of being a spy and for money laundering so in all likelihood the authorities got this wrong and this chick just works for the Russian mob.  That would make much more sense.  Maybe seducing highly classified documents away from lonely officials, then trying to blackmail their asses.  Nah, I’m just playing.  She’s a spy.  Commie bastards.  Although it is pretty cool.  I guess Bond girls do exist.


It looks like this shit might really happen.  Last night Lebron, Wade, and Bosh had a meeting of the minds in Miami supposedly to discuss teaming up (with the Heat being the likely employer).  Now I don’t care much for the NBA these days, but this would be pretty crazy.  It’s basically the US team participating in the NBA.  This meeting sounds like Wade invited his boys over to kick it and they got drunk and talked about how sweet it would be to play on the same team so they can hang all the time.  Maybe one day I’ll have the clout to have all my boys come work for my company.  It’s ashame that they’d be playing in Miami though where everyone is more interested in exercising on the beach to work on their bodies and their tans simultaneously than professional sports.

Bill Clinton is cool

After a good showing by Bill supporting the US boys at the World Cup, I figured we should reflect on the cool shit he has done over the years.  Here is a brief history of the big dog in pictures (excluding Lewinsky):

And here’s a picture of one lame thing he’s done:

Anyone else think it seems that Wild Bill and Alicia Keys have something going on?  Also, how about the Clinton-Jagger tandem?  The western world should be on the look out for an AIDS outbreak once those two return home.